Hardwood is taken into account the last word versatile material, with applications starting from exquisite veneers and furniture, musical instruments, flooring, construction and boatbuilding. it’s a cloth of real beauty, available in countless combinations of species, specifications and hues . due to their condensed and more complex structure, hardwoods generally offer a superior level of strength and sturdiness . the foremost common sorts of hardwoods include Oak, Teak, Sapele, Iroko and Meranti. As these grow at a way slower rate and need longer drying times, these factors approach the value of the wood. Hardwoods tend to be far more resilient than softwoods and are often reserved for projects that need maximum durability. Hardwoods like beech, maple and walnut are usually reserved for bespoke joinery projects, crafting furniture, wooden floors and fine veneers. These types are hardwood are best suited for these tasks as they desire particular aesthetic characteristics, like colour and woodgrain.

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